Global Social Justice Journal

Published by the Centre for International Studies at Cape Breton University

Focus and Scope

The purpose of the Global Social Justice Journal is to transcend the academic/social activist divide by disseminating peer reviewed research on normative global social justice issues including economic globalization, human rights, indigenous peoples, the environment, education, gender, class, political culture and race. The Global Social Justice Journal does not restrict itself to publishing articles from any single theoretical approach or methodological tradition but rather seeks to contribute towards the production of emancipatory and normative bodies of knowledge that place research at the service of social change. The journal publishes critical qualitative and quantitative research, including articles that question the fundamentals of the status quo, from disciplines including political science; philosophy; economics; sociology; law; history; gender studies and indigenous studies and aims to inform readers from one area of the state of the research into global social justice in the other disciplines.

The journal welcomes articles analyzing the social impacts of markets and governments from normative and marginalized perspectives and specifically those originating in the global South. It welcomes articles that shed light on an otherwise neglected aspect of global social justice or that analyze alternative forms of social and political organization to the present structuring of globalization. Its niche is to publish research in opposition to the neo-liberal global political economy and to the social power relations which frame the conditions for both the operation and acceptance of the neo-liberal paradigm.

Editorial Board

Dr Amy BartholomewCarleton University (Bio)
Dr Lee-Anne BroadheadCape Breton University (Bio)
Prof Aviva ChomskySalem State University (Bio)
Prof Jeff CorntasselUniversity of Victoria (Bio)
Prof Tony EvansUniversity of Southampton
Prof Nancy FraserNew School for Social Research(Bio)
Dr Terry GibbsCape Breton University (Bio)
Dr Norma HazbounBethlehem University (Bio [doc])
Dr Julie HearnLancaster University (Bio)
Dr Elisabeth KingColumbia University (Bio)
Prof Joel Kovel
Prof Marta Nuñez SarmientoUniversity of Havana (Bio English [doc] / Spanish [doc])
Prof William I. RobinsonUniversity of California, Santa Barbara (Bio [doc])
Prof Paul RogersUniversity of Bradford (Bio)
Prof James SacoumanAcadia University (Bio)
Prof Vandana Shiva (Bio)
Mr Luke StobartUniversity of Hertfordshire (Bio [doc])
Mr Brian Tomlinson (Bio [doc])