CBU Centre for International Studies

Promoting internationalization at Cape Breton University and in the community

The Cape Breton University Centre for International Studies (CIS) was founded in 1978 with a mandate “to develop greater public awareness of the relevance and importance of global issues, to encourage research and publications, and to sponsor guest speakers and seminars on specific topics.” From the outset, the Centre has been committed to including not just academics but students and community members on its Advisory Board. Over many years, we have built a high reputation as a forum for radical and marginalized voices from within our region and around the world, fostering a climate and ethos of participatory, non-hierarchical, experiential learning and exchange, and increasing opportunities for students to enrich their own intellectual development and knowledge of the world.

At present, to our regret, the Centre’s usual activities have been suspended while we seek renewed financial support from the University – a modest amount enabling us, we believe, to make a significant impact and contribution. Our opinion, however, rightly carries less weight than yours, so we are reaching out to students, community members, academics and activists involved in CIS over the years, requesting a statement of support and, if possible, a reflection on the value and legacy of the Centre to you. While we hope to secure new funding, we are determined not to compromise our core principles or proud traditions, and we believe the best way to prosper with integrity is by reaching out for help to the wide and deep CIS community.

The campaign we are launching this month will be, of necessity, short and intense. By New Year, we hope to have collected a wide range of statements and stories to help us make our case; by March 2015, we hope to have made that case persuasively; by September 2015, we hope to be up and running again. And in the process, we hope to collect some remarkable and inspiring testimony, documenting in powerful fashion the life and times of the Centre to date.

If you have attended, spoken at, or been involved in planning CIS events, please lend your support to our campaign by e-mailing us at info@cbu-cis.ca.

Thank you.

Sean Howard, Acting Director
Adjunct Professor of Political Science, CBU